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Old, probably original, bottom coming offWith old bottom off, we evaluate the extent of the projectHere, starboard shaft log in bad shapeExamining keel and stem, determining extent of rotWe'll have to turn the boat over, so we're building framing on which the boat will restMore framing, supporting the engine stringersNote how precise the framing is, in order to maintain the shape of the boatOver she goes!With the boat upside down, the real work can beginCracked and rotten transverse frames will also be replacedGluing up the new stem laminateStem and keel laminates require plenty of clamps!Fitting the new stem laminateWith old keel, upper left, out, new transverse frames are fitNew shaft logs in placeMore new frames up frontFrames completed, now for the keelPreparing to laminate the new inner-ply layerThe "flatter" portions of the hull get larger sheets of inner plyBottom completed, coming back upright