Winterization, storage, and launching

We retrieve your boat at season end, clean, winterize, and evaluate. We don’t just store your boat, we look after it. We’ll let you know what it needs, and what it’s going to need, just like we do our own. When spring comes, your boat is ready to go. We’ll even work with your dock supplier to coordinate delivery when your dock is ready.

Repair and Maintenance

Once we evaluate your boat, we provide an action plan to make sure your boat is in top shape, now and in the future. We’ll show you what it needs now, and what the three to five year plan should be. Upon your approval, we proceed with the work, utilizing our world-class service personnel.  Learn more about Freedom Engine Service here.

Dockside Valet

At your request, we are available to make sure your boat is clean, fueled, and even test run. We offer these services on a regularly scheduled basis, or you can call us as needed.

We will arrange catering for your special boating event, and captain service if you’d rather be part of the party aboard!
In the unlikely event you have a malfunction, we’re just a phone call away, anytime, all the time.

For Immediate Service or to report a problem - Contact Us Here.