There's nothing more exciting or rewarding as seeing a once proud vessel return to a state of beauty and elegance.  That transformational experience has a lot to do with why we come to work each day.  We've assembled a fanatical band of craftsmen, technicians and artists to create that magic every day at Freedom Boat Service.  We have only one standard.  We approach your boat like it was our own. 

Let our experience be your guide when you choose to restore a boat. We recommend customers engage us throughout the restoration process starting before a project candidate has been purchased, or even identified. We’ll help you identify what’s important in a boat, which ones are the best restoration candidates and what the process will take in time and money. 

We pride ourselves on the project management aspect of the process: identifying the scope of the project, estimating the requirements, then managing against those goals.  We do our best to identify the potential areas for potential surprise in advance, then define and estimate them as discovery takes place.  Our goal is open and honest communication throughout the project, while minimizing the potential for unexpected surprises.

We have in-house woodworking and engine/systems capabilities, and a highly developed network of reliable suppliers for any outside need, including upholstery, canvas, plating, instrumentation, trailers, dock systems, boathouse equipment, transportation, and insurance.
When your project is complete, we are available to deliver your boat, and orient you to its operation. Once you’re enjoying your boat, we’re available as your vintage boat consultant, to continue to help with any questions, and ongoing service and maintenance. We stand ready as your “insider” resource, to make owning your vintage boat a pleasure - always.

Visit our restoration photo galleries here.