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One of the best riding "small" boats Chris-Craft ever built. "Red and White" in 1947-48, as mahogany was in short supply immediately after WWII, so hulls were cedar and painted.

This hull, R-19-162, was originally shipped to Hewes Boat Co. in Fox Lake, IL on May 19, 1948. She was rescued in 1987, and a restoration was begun, a little at a time, with completion in 1996. All planking, frames, keel and stem rebuilt of old growth Honduran mahogany. Transom frame built of white oak. Original spruce engine stringers were re-used. Bottom constructed in original style, with treated canvas layer between inner and outer planking layers. New plywood decks, finished with fiberglass for smooth, shiny, worry-free longevity. Upholstery as original by Terry Young.

Engine upgraded to Chris-Craft MCL, 175 hp six cylinder, which is the same physical size as the original MBL. Custom mooring cover and single axle galvanized trailer. In as-restored condition.

Price reduced! $38,995.