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Update: Found hull number, and with the help of a Larson expert, determined this is really a 1953 model!
Another "Freedom Find", 1953 Larson in extraordinary original condition. Last registered in 1992, perfect original upholstery, including four original seat cushions, note original stamp on seat bottom denoting "New wood preservative", 25 hp Johnson, and cool original trailer. It appears from the attached catalog pages that this is the "Deluxe Speed Runabout" model, as that's the catalog page that was saved with the boat, however, the boat has a one-piece plexiglass windshield, not the two-pane glass version.Bottom has been fiberglassed, which may be original, as the price page notes this model came standard with "Armorglas Covering". The fibergass appears to be in great condition. Definitely a preservation candidate, maybe carefully add varnish, but preserve originality!
Only $5,995.00