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25’6” Triple Cockpit Runabout with Original Lycoming Straight-eight engine.

8-10 in three cockpits

1 of 3 known examples


Why It’s Important:
One of the most beautiful runabouts ever built. The hardware on this boat was unsurpassed. Horace Dodge was of the few remaining cash buyers of engines in 1931 and was able to convince E.L. Cord to sell him Lycoming Engines, Duesenberg Steering Wheels and Cord shift mechanisms for used in Dodge Boats. One of the major boat builders, Dodge built the fewest (1,700 from 1923-35) and it is estimated there are fewer than 100 remaining world-wide.

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Guestbook for 1931 Dodge - 26' Triple Cockpit Runabout
Hank Hallowell(non-registered)
This is an incredibly rare and perhaps one of - if not the most beautiful triple cockpit runabout ever designed and built by anyone at any time...period.
John Miller(non-registered)
This is a fantastic boat...I am a huge Dodge boat fan. My father owned a Dodge cabin cruiser, a '35 model, in the late forties - early fifties.
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