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Perhaps the most original Chris-Craft we've ever put hands on! Check out all the pristine original upholstery, Clum ignition switch with two keys, Pyrene fire extinguisher, rubber flooring that still smells like rubber, even the excess temp gauge tubing is secured with original friction tape! Original glass with only a hint of delaminating around the edges. Largest available original engine, too, 131 hp KBL. Original Bull Dog cotton Chris-Craft pennant, on original fir flag pole. Original Chris-Craft blue overspray on the generator. Current (second) owner bought from 80-year-old daughter of original purchaser. Second owner got the engine running 20 years ago, but never put it in the water. Did we mention it's really original?
On brand-new galvanized single axle trailer.
If an 18' Riviera is on your list, can't imagine a better original example.
Priced realistically at $29,000.
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Kevin Callihan(non-registered)
This is perhaps what was meant in "lineal descendants and distribution of wealth", a textbook for the administration of estates in law school and would it not be nice to have this non-registered human (earthling) to enjoy this fine vessel, someday or perhaps you?
Kevin Callihan(non-registered)
Long Days and Pleasant Evenings with the best of health for you and your family and friends, AND things, like this! Nice.
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