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A chance encounter -
The current owner saw the boat, unrestored, on a transport which was delivering an engine to him. He already owned the only Marmon V-16 engine that was ever marinized, Gar Wood's personal project to assess the viability of the Marmon as a boat engine. Gar Wood had the engine installed in his personal 24'6" sedan to test it. Must not have gone anywhere, as there was not another Marmon engine used, as far as we know.
The current owner thought it would be worthwhile to recreate the Gar Wood Sedan, with the Marmon V-16. He bought the boat, and sent it off to be restored.
In the course of the restoration, it was determined that the Marmon V-16 couldn't be configured in the boat without giving up the second seat. It was decided that the second seat was more important than the Marmon V-16, but the next best option was to install a Scripps V-12!
Voila, that's the result.
Beautifully detailed restoration, and a period-correct Scripps V-12 in a boat that never had one, as far as we know.
Priced at $250,000 - a fraction of the investment in putting it together.