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Eff-Gee-El, Century-speak for the 1967 and 68 transition from wood to fiberglass, hulls were 'glass, but decks were constructed the same as the wood models, with varnished covering boards and vinyl covered decks. (See original 1967 catalog pages for more on how Century presented the boat)
This one has been restored completely and properly, new stringers properly mudded to fill any space that could potentially hold water. Hull painted in Perfection, new A&A interior, rebuilt Interceptor 390, all on a 200+ hour original boat!
Tandem axle trailer.
All the style of a wood Resorter, classic flat-bottom ride, great ski boat.
Yours for only $19,900, a fraction of the cost to restore.

Guestbook for 1968 Century - 17' - Resorter FGL
Darold Fisher(non-registered)
I am the proud owner of FG18966 a Century 17' Resorter . My dad bought new. 1966 was the first year of the fiberglass hulls and my boat was late production 66 and was ordered as a 67 demonstater. 67 was the first year the 383 and the 390 intersepters were offered. Mine has a 390. After 53 years of service,she is still the throughbred she was built to be. Her name is White Lightning.
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