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We really enjoy the opportunity to help new buyers make the right purchase decision before they buy their first boat!
It can be overwhelming to navigate all the variables and possibilities as a first time buyer. Sometimes people even quit before they get started!
Eric and Lindsey knew they wanted a vintage boat to compliment their lake lifestyle, Eric even knew he wanted a runabout (cockpit) style boat. It took some convincing, though, to encourage them to buy a restored boat, and in the 19' version. Eric thought a 17' model, and maybe not something that had been restored already, would have been a good way to start off, then "trade up" to what he really wanted later.
We convinced him that approach would cost more overall, while running the risk of encountering problems along the way that could be expensive and discouraging.
In today's market, there are excellent values to be had with boat that have been restored (and the restoration documented).
We helped them find the right one, showed them how to use it, and have helped Eric do the maintenance he wants to tackle himself, while taking care of the rest for them.
We're always available to help find the right vintage boat, or simply to talk through it!
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