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The very last wood Coronado to come off the line at Century, verified by the Century Club (see documents at the end of photos). Largely original, we rebuilt the original 427/300 hp Ford Interceptor, which has about 20 hours accrued. Hour meter shows 370 hours total on the boat, probably correct. New correct interior, varnish and bottom paint refreshed last fall. When Century announced they were discontinuing wood boat production, Sierra Boat on Lake Tahoe said they'd take all remaining Coronado's, but they had to be hardtops. Century must have had some leftover black hardtops from 1965-67 production, as the 1968 hardtop was tan like the decks. This black hardtop is verified original by the Century Boat Club, as well.
Custom tandem axle trailer and storage cover included. Priced according to rarity and condition. Inquire.