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Extraordinary opportunity to own an extraordinary boat!
First: there are only three of these boats known to exist. This is the only one with a correct Sterling Petrel 225 engine, an original option.
Second: The superlative design of this boat showcases John Hacker at his finest. More deck crown and bow flare that the coveted 1930 30' Hacker, and the bow flare continues well back to the second cockpit. Probably the most stunning "gangster" windshield of all, which is especially well set-off by the original-style Kroh convertible top.
Third: Fantastic restoration by an unusually detail-oriented owner. New from the waterline down, professionally installed WEST system bottom. Original topsides. Details abound: correct, original starter button, correct floorboard trim, correct instrument panel and ignition switch, correct Kroh convertible with one-piece steam-bent oak frames (not laminated), correct engine hatch lock, correct restored and rebuilt Sterling Petrel six cylinder engine. All supported with extensive documentation.Custom tandem axle trailer makes it ready to travel to any show in the country.
Priced at $289,000.

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