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A very rare and unusual piece of California drag boat history, the brainchild of famous builder Rudy Ramos. This V-bottom 21' boat features a 460 Ford V-8 with Velvet Drive transmission and Casale 15% v-drive. The "day cruiser" moniker refers to the raised deck feature, with cushions below deck. We tried it, and if you're not freaked out getting an MRI, you could probably take a nap under there!
It's in extraordinary original condition, all the original upholstery is in great shape, and the gelcoat is bright and shiny throughout. Note the walnut-grain accents molded into the gelcoat, a nod to the original Rayson wood hulls.
Includes original Shoreland'r tandem axle trailer as shown in photos.
Priced at $15,995