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There aren't many things about which hard-core Chris-Craft enthusiasts will agree, but ask about the 25' Sportsman, and you'll hear almost universal acclaim. While the 22' Sportsman (U-22) was the model of which Chris-Craft built the most boats (over 4000 built), a great deal of extra care and craftsmanship was spent on the 25' version (208 total built). They were deluxe, desirable, and expensive; the spiritual successor to the pre-war triple cockpit runabout. Chris-Craft built the 22' version with cedar topsides, painted white, immediately after WWII ended, until the mahogany supplies caught back up with production. They chose, however, to "temporarily discontinue" production of the 25' version in 1947, indicating how seriously Chris-Craft valued the 25' Sportsman as the "flagship" of the line. The 25' Sportsman is a big boat, beam of 7'9", 25" draft, and weight of 3800 to 4300#, depending on engine options. Oh yes, engine options, ranging from a Chris-Craft 130 hp Model "M", to the mighty Scripps 225 hp Model 208.

This particular 25' Sportsman is a very original specimen, ready for a loving preservation/restoration. It is equipped with it's original Chris-Craft Model W six cylinder engine, making 160 Hp. It looks like everything is there, with the exception of the bow pole.

Priced at a market correct $40,000.00