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“The Andrew J” is the only Higgins 1948 26′ Deluxe Sedan Cruiser known to exist. The number produced of this year and model is obscure because a hurricane wiped out most of those records back in the late 1940’s and Katrina struck the final blow. There only about 200 Higgins pleasure boats remaining, plus a small handful of military craft.

“The Andrew J” was found in a barn in Oklahoma back in 2005, with restoration begun in 2007, completed in time to be shown at the ACBS International Show on Geneva Lake in 2011.

Higgins Industries was founded in New Orleans by Andrew Jackson Higgins. The company flourished in the mid 1940’s, 1950’s and early 1960’s building painted plywood pleasure and work boats enhanced with bright-finished mahogany transoms and mahogany accented interiors.

Higgins Industries is especially famous for their WWII and Korean War efforts in producing military craft for the Marines, Coast Guard and the Navy. Their most notable wartime craft are the famous PR Boats and the LCVP Landing Craft as exhibited in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, while they landed on the beaches of Normandy.

“The Andrew J’s” name was sanctioned by Dawn Higgins Murphy, Andrew Jackson Higgins’ daughter, who still lives down by New Orleans to this day with her husband Bob.

2017 Best of Show and Higgins Marque Award - ACBS International Show - Racine, WI
2017 Best of Show - Keels and Wheels, Seabrook, TX
2014 Best Cruiser – ACBS International Show – Lake Skaneateles, NY

2014 Best Cruiser – Geneva Lakes Show – Lake Geneva, WI
2013 – Storage (did not use due to family medical issues)
2012 – Best Cruiser – ACBS International Show – Table Rock Lake, MO
2012 – People’s Choice – Toledo Yacht Club Show
2012 – Algonac Chris Craft Show – “Where It All Began” - Runner up
2017 - Best Preserved - ACBS International Show, Racine, WI

2017 - Best of Show - Keels and Wheels. Seabrook, TX

Original restoration in all aspects to concours condition

- - 115 HP six cylinder Chrysler Crown engine- rebuilt by Van Ness – estimated 30 hours total run time on rebuild
- - Complete bottom replacement – topsides original – deck replaced – hardtop and transom
- - All Hardware Re-Chromed
- - Original Paint Scheme
- - New Interior
- - Instruments rebuilt, new original wiring, 6 volt system
- - Spare Propeller
- - Lines and gear to cruise included
- - Custom fitted and balanced Yacht Club Trailer – extra spare (new)
- - Custom Storage Cover

Priced at $69,500, substantially less than restoration investment
Lying in Indianapolis.