Freedom Boat Service | 1959/60 Century Coronado - 21'

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Our very cool barn find just graduated from barn find to unicorn! The registration shows a hull number of M6048; that was odd since Century usually began each production run at hull number 50. A knowledgeable Century aficionado noticed the red headliner in this boat, which was the correct color in 1959, but 1960 models were white. We found the original hull number stamped in the engine stringer, see photo, showing hull number M59197. So this boat appears to be a leftover 1959 model, re-numbered as a 1960!
1959/60 Century Coronado, original Chrysler Hemi, interior original and almost good enough to keep/use as-is. First review indicates all the pieces are there. Ready to be restored or preserved. Long-term owners brought it to Minnesota about 20 years ago,after enjoying it on Lake Tahoe for years. Hasn't been used in 20 years! Unusual opportunity to own an original, un-molested example.
Priced at $19,995, including tandem axle trailer and mooring cover.